Not anyway, but exactly like this.

We know what it means to start small with big ideas. That is why we focus on flexibility and individual tailoring. OLid is not only a Learning Management System, or an intranet, or a CMS. We are exactly what you make of it. Just the way you want it to be.

What is OLid?

Simple, comprehensible, uncomplicated.

We help you to build a digital hub in your company, where intranet, socializing, learning management and everything else that is needed for a digital workplace is combined to an unparalleled solution. We assist with creating a unique digital environment to form extraordinary experiences for your customers, partners as well as your employees through a multitude of content.

OLid helps you to save time. Its variety of basic functions and interfaces as well as its flexibility make OLid exactly the solution you need. Just the way you want it. With OLid, we aimed to provide a content platform that is suitable for everyone and can be used by anyone to create a first-class online experience.

What does OLid offer you?


No matter where in the world your colleagues are located, OLid helps you to stay informed, motivates and strengthens you and your team, and promotes communication.


Develop unique content for your target groups. Convey knowledge about brands and products to customers and partners and link this content to products from your online store.

HR & Communications

Encourage open and consistent communication which helps to digitally transform workplaces, increase your employees’ engagement and optimize productivity.


Connect the entire community to just one measurable and completely flexible system where all communication, knowledge transfer and data converge. Intranet, learning management and content management in one place.

OLid starts where people communicate.

In companies, it provides information, ensures prompt communication flow, imparts knowledge, provides training and centralizes data. Various user and administration roles make it possible.

In schools and universities, it supports the cooperation of work groups, conveys knowledge digitally, allows tests and examinations and ensures uniform data distribution.

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No matter if small or large, a lot or a little - OLid is based on what you need and want.

Central information hub for all
What is it?


Planning together

We are fast. We are high quality. We are consistent. Our service at OLid optimally accompanies you from the beginning. Together with you, we work out your requirements, develop a plan for implementation and realize your design, the setup of the platform, the development, the implementation and the testing. And even after that, we are still a reliable partner at your side and are at your disposal to answer all your questions via our support.

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1 Analysis

What are your requirements, what are your priorities? We will define these together in an intensive on-site workshop. We will record the results of the workshop in work sheets. In the workbook, we define the project requirements, set up timetables and determine milestones. This way you get a comprehensive project schedule.

2 Design

What should your OLid look like? You can choose from existing standard designs or have a completely individual design created, adapted to your corporate design. For this purpose we are happy to work together with your design agency or your in-house design team.

3 Structure

Our in-house development team is well prepared to implement your OLid solution for you. You already have a development partner you want to work with or your own development team that will take over the implementation of OLid? With training we make your team fit for the implementation.

4 Testing

Our developers thoroughly check the system before its release. We also conduct tests with users from your organization to refine the system at best before final approval.

5 Training

In order for OLid to be used optimally in your organization, we have all user groups in mind. We train your editors and administrators so that they can keep OLid running every day and new information flowing into the system. You want your own developers to be involved? We will show them where they can proceed with the coding or the style sheets themselves. And we will also be happy to discuss everything to do with interfaces and other customization options with your backend developers.

6 Support

We are always available for any questions via phone and e-mail even after the implementation.

Get started.

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